Bullet time effect – Still cameras array – Time slice

Larry Haynes and @alanaRblanchard

I first thought about bullet time camera effect when watching Red Hot Chilli Peppers live at Slane when Kiedis jumped and the camera panned from one side to other. I could never think about the logic how the hell they do it with only one camera or software effects. The camera panning must be super fast to create that sort of motion, I thougth. Then I found out that Bullet time camera effect is what they used, its a scene created when a frozen motion is panned using gazillion of camera set up around the object.

Here are some example of amazing examples beside the most famous one, Matrix movie bullet time scene and they are not the first time to use this technique:

Time-Slice Films Demo Reel 2009

The Gadget Show – Bullet Time / Time Slice Shot – Suzi Perry

Really Bend it Like Backham

The 30 GoPro Bullet Time Rig – K.Flay Music Video Mini-Doc

LA Times: Explained

Rip Curl: and behind the scene

Time Slice with Wuon Gean Ho

A Moment In Time

On Smash Live – Behind The Scenes – GoPro Array Drum Shoot

My GoPro Array

My GoPro Array from Marc Donahue on Vimeo.

So You Think You Can Dance – Time-Slice Moments

Legendary surf photog Larry Haynes films GoPro athlete @alanaRblanchard with the GoPro array

Larry Haynes and @alanaRblanchard

Larry Haynes and @alanaRblanchard

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